#Makerparty @ DICER

   When Mozilla officially launched Maker Party 2013 for three months, DICER (Dnayanganga Institute of Career Empowerment and Research) was waiting for its turn to host one and finally the time came for makerparty @ DICER on 10th of August 2013. India’s 66th Independence Day was near so how could have we not celebrated it our own way. we Mozillians from Pune decided to host a Webmaker Event with the Independence Day theme and throughout the whole day it went as if we were celebrating 15th august. Event Started with truly “WEBMAKER” Welcome.

Rangoli made by girls for the Welcome of Webmaking @DICER

Rangoli made by girls for the Welcome of Webmaking @DICER

   The event started with an introduction to mozilla and FOSS by me, this helped those who were new to OpenSource world. The complete idea of Open Web was talked about and discussed among the attendees.

What is the open web, why is it important to know about it? and alos why should we care for it? were among the most popular questions discussed and answered.

Ankit Gadgil, MozRep from Pune took over the space and gave a talk on OpenWeb and Mozilla Webmaker. Thimble helped alot in boosting the interest in students.

Ankit Gadgil explaining thimble to evryone

Ankit Gadgil explaining thimble to everyone

   We told the attendees to express their love for our nation and the things they love about India, on the papers and to implement it using Thimble or Popcorn which really worked well.

   We told the attendees to think of something they love about India and put that down on the paper as a webpage. With this theme, we found out that a wave of interest is generated in the maximum of the attendees if they are given a theme to work on. And with the event centred on Independence day makes, the attendees enjoyed the comfort of making with webmaker tools. We used thimble principally to build, remix and share the ideas.

Paper Prototyping

Paper Prototyping

Everybody was so much into Webmaking that day they even forgot to take their lunch break even after announcing thrice. The webmaker templates are amazing and so helpfull. Even the people who did not know HTML, CSS learned it from the templates.

So much into webmaking

So much into webmaking

   We collected all the responses in a spreadsheet. When they were being sorted out, we moved to a quiz on Open Source and Mozilla. Prizes were distributed to all the winners of best thimble makes and the quiz.

The maker party experience is proving to a joy ride for me. With the help of fellow mozillians in Pune this event was successful. I really enjoyed the experience of making-learning-sharing using Webmaker. My urge to spread the word about the open web and webmaker did prove fruitful with many showing interest in further contributing to webmaker, Mozilla and Firefox Student ambassadors program.

Here are some useful links from the event:

Do checkout the Webmaker blog on Indian Independence Day:

The amazing HIVE-India website:

Hive India


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