Mozilla Crafting Community: A “Crafty” Initiative

This PAN India Community Meetup 2014, Hyderabad, I had this wonderful opportunity to introduce a completely different and very interesting community “Mozilla Crafting Community”  in India.
As I am a Web developer and a Craft lover , the idea of building a community of people who love the web as well as art & craft inspired me quite well. So I took this initiative to take this community further in India.

The overall mission of Crafting Community is to

  • Connect new people to the mission that haven’t had a way to connect to in the past.
  • Cool way to recognize people.
  • Doing crafty projects together at events.
  • Creating a new community in Mozilla that crosses interests.
  • Recognize creative crafty output of contributors


  • Through this community we can gather people who don’t know anything about Mozilla but a name of an Open Source Organization.
  • For small events we can also make handmade swags in case of urgent need which can be possible with the help of more contributors.
  • Many contributors may not be technically strong but Wonderfully creative.
  • This list is not restricted to these ideas only, there are a lot of different ideas one can have.

I am currently working on few handmade crafty items, I hopefully plan to showcase them in MozCamp Beta, Bangalore.

I have created a etherpad , any one can share ideas there and also can add their names and contact to the I am interested list.


Join Mailing List and share your “crafty” ideas:
IRC : 
  • Channel #crafty On
Community Calls:  



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