Mozilla India in hillhacks: Hacking and Making in the Himalayas

This year, Mozilla India marked its presence at hillhacks ,a tech conference of Hacking and Making in the Himalayas from 15th October to 21st October in Dharamsala, India.

Akshat and I returned back few days ago and our experience is Awe-inspiring. This was completely different experience from what we usually have in other events. We first planned to conduct three Webmaker workshops each followed by Privacy & security session and a Firefox OS talk but we did more than what we planned which makes our experience best.

16th October: Webmaking with Jagori Rural Charitable Trust: A Women’s initiative

  • This workshop worked out really great because these guys were educators at Jagori which is why they were more amazed and interested to know about open web and How Webmaker can help them to learn all about it and educate their students.

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17th October: Webmaking with Kangra Govt. Polytechnic College Students.

  • These students aged 16-17 but they knew a lot more than expected.
  • Hats off to Akshat, being a technical person gave an awesome introduction to Open Source and Mozilla in a very simple way that everybody could understand. Even I and Abdul got to know new things from his talk.
  • Any regional Mozilla community is not formed in Himachal yet but the best part was their professors and HOD already knew about Firefox OS phones. 😀 😀

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18th October: Whole day Trek and  Firefox OS talk by Akshat at pre-event in Club House, Dharamsala

  • We went to the awesome trek. So sad couldn’t make it to the top but yeah Akshat did 🙂
  • After whole day trek, It felt amazing when he started with Firefox OS features and people started talking about apps and ended up in telling about Appmaker! 😛

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20th October: Webmaking with TCV (Tibetan Children’s  Village) students:

We did few LoFi NoFi(Low fidelity and No fidelity) activities with them which were Awesome. I enjoyed a lot.

  • Spectrogram:
    • We started the session with a Spectrogram on privacy and security.
    • It turned out to be great because we had different opinions of students and teachers.
  • Tags Activity:
    • We did a small activity to make them understand What tags are and their importance.
    • Students were asked to move around the room and tag the real objects like guitar, wall, door, etc.
    • These students were very smart they added properties in tags \o/.

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Finally the session which is my favorite of all was with Wood Whistlers school kids. This visit wasn’t planned. We had heard about the school kids a lot so we decided to go there and it was the best experience for me of Teach the Web. We got to interact with these kids about very basic things like

  • Do you use INTERNET? if yes what do you think it is?
  • Which is your favorite website?
  • Do you know what Firefox is?
      Their Answers

    • No but we guess something related to INTERNET.
    • Yes, my mom use it to access facebook and youtube 😛
    • Yes, I use it to see maths tutorials on youtube. 🙂

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We explained them what browser , client, server, request and response are; with very basic and real life examples. And success is: they understood almost everything.

Thanks Abdul and Bernadette for inviting and helping us throughout these 5 days.I am glad that we represented Mozilla India at hillhacks. It is a different community with the same mission of spreading openness of web and free culture.


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