Celebrated Int’l Women’s Day on 8th March

While International Women’s day was celebrated globally, Pune womoz community also decided to celebrate it with local females from Pune.

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So we hosted a women specific event in Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research.

As planned, started with the Introduction to Mozilla and FOSS.

  • And what Mozilla is doing to bring up more women contributors in FOSS regardless of their technical knowledge.
  • How it is a myth that contributing to Mozilla takes strong technical knowledge.
  • Why there is a different section as WoMoz and how are they helping us in achieving this goal.

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We had Manjusha Joshi Mam as our guest speaker. She is a teacher and a freelancer in the field of Scientific Computing and Data Analysis. She shared her inspirational journey in open source with the attendees. She told us, how difficult was the time and situation 17 years back for a woman to step into technology; What difficulties she faced and how she stand her ground firmly on the and moved on in the world of technology and achieved success in her field.

As Priyanka Nag and I attended this year’s Adacamp in Bangalore we learned a lot of new things which we can include in our Womoz events. So, as suggested by Larissa too we included the Imposter Syndrome session in this event.

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Priyanka started with the session and clearly explained with relevant facts:

  • What it is?
  • Why does it afflicts Women more than Men?
  • And How can we overcome it?

She conducted a paper based activity in which there were 4 exercises, one can have a look in the pictures below.

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Most of the attendees were from non-technical background. We had nice discussions with them. Some shared the problems they face in contributing to technical world; what demotivate them to stop trying while some gave probable solutions to those problems with their experiences. Some of those were very helpful like:

  • Concentrate more on what “You” want to do but not what “Others” want you to do.
  • In open source world people are very straight forward so try not to take the comments personally regarding the work instead improve and move forward.
  • Try acting instead of reacting in the situations where someone has offended you based on the gender.
  • Prefer not to prove yourself as that job is not yours; its your work which will prove everything.
  • Avoid saying “I am so lucky” wherever you can as you “deserved” that.
  • And many more its a long list…

Suchita Aggarwal, an FSA from Pune, shared story of her FSA club on How they started and their club became the most active FSA club in Pune. She told everybody that they can also start their own clubs in their respective colleges and start contributing.

I took a session on Privacy and Security on the web. I started with asking questions like

  • Do you feel safe on the Internet?
  • Is Privacy important on the Web?
  • Why should we care?

Their responses were as expected:

  • No, Internet is not at all safe the way we use it as we don’t know how we can protect ourselves.
  • Yes, Privacy should be the main concern. Regardless of keeping strong passwords our accounts have been hacked many times.
  • Unnecessary calls from different telecom companies.
  • I assure the list is very long…

We know that there are severe issues concerning our privacy and security, what important is to know that YES there are basic solutions to these problems. Few of them are:

  • Create secure passwords. (most prior action)
  • Always look for https in the url(s).
  • Switch to Private browsing (firefox) or incognito (chrome) when you don’t want to be tracked or while using online banking where your data is very crucial and must be kept private.
  • Understand cookies and there is a reason you should clear them timely.
  • Start using search engine that doesn’t track you i.e. Duck Duck Go instead of Google.

The attendees had no idea how much they get tracked daily.

I told them How Firefox helps in protecting your privacy and keep you secure by showing them some addons like:

  • Demo on Lightbeam surely was an eye opener 😉 .
  • Adblock plus
  • Web of Trust
  • Https Everywhere
  • Disconnect Search
  • Better Privacy
  • Ghostery

Although we expected more women to attend the event, having a smaller pool brought a different kind of fun and experience with more interaction.

Finally we ended the event by cutting this beautiful Womoz cake 🙂 .

IMG_20150308_135703839Here are some more pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126218234@N08/