Day 2 at Community Education for Mozilla Women In Technology

So I was finally here on Day 2 of Community Education for Women in Mozilla at Collab House Hyderabad.

I was very happy to see all these enthusiastic Women who came here from around the country to attend this event.

We started our day with the discussion on “Why Womoz? and How it would benefit a Woman?”

Have a look at the points everyone suggested and discusses on

We did this Speak Up activity called “Genie game” . The goal for the activity is to make the women attendees speak up and get comfortable in the new environment by making a wish at the moment which can be anything related to the expectation from the event or related to their career. The whole activity turned out to be fun because at the start nobody was ready to speak up but when one person started others got encouraged and they also started sharing their wishes.

We discussed about the Day 3 agenda and collaborated together on the presentations we are going to present the next day.

In the evening I started with Train the Trainer session on Information Footprint and Related Privacy Concerns for the girls so that they can also teach the attendees next day and after that in their region.

The session had 5 sections:

  • Introduction:
    • We started with talking about what privacy is all about? Why it is important and Why still people don’t care about it much? And What’s happening currently.
    • I used this teaching kit I made to explain them what Information footprint is?
    • And how they can use this teaching kit to spread awareness about it by using these two apps: Ready or Not? and EXIF Placer.
    • How their data is aggregated and then mined to generate a picture of their digital behavior.
  • Tracking:
    • We discussed about what tracking is?
    • We discussed on what questions we can ask attendees questions to our audience to engage them more into your session like: Is tracking bad always? If no/yes share one moment where you were or weren’t OK with sharing your data.
    • Discussed about the ways you get tracked by third party websites.
    • Basic ways you can prevent yourself:
      • Look for HTTPS in url(s).
      • Understand Cookies and Delete them regularly.
      • Create strong pass-phrases instead of passwords (like “Iam110%Sexy!”)
      • Use search engine that does’nt track you like Duck Duck Go.
      • Read at least one Privacy Policy while signing up on any website. or downloading apps.
  • How Firefox help as a Browser:
    • We discussed about How Firefox as a browser help you in keeping your privacy protected. They can talk about and demo the audience:
      • about:privatebrowsing.
      • about:permissions.
      • Forget Button.
      • Options —-> Privacy , Click option Do not Track me!
      • Much more ..
  • Add-Ons:
    • We discussed about the must use addons which they can show or demonstrate to the audience and can also take hands on those add ons.
    • Few of them are:
      • LightBeam
      • μBlock
      • Adblock
      • Ghostery
      • Web of Trust
      • Disconnected Search
  • What Mozilla is doing?
    • We discussed about:
      • Policy & Advocacy Task Force
      • Privacy Teaching Task Force
      • Teach the Web Campaigns
      • Privacy chat on Twitter at #PrivacyChat

After the session we had a feedback session on the whole day where everybody agreed to How important privacy has become now and How our future can get affected by the concerning issues related to privacy and security.

So the day was a bit exhausting but fruitful as we had a lot of things to do and discuss about. To get some fresh air we went to Charminar , a famous monument in Hyderabad and had a proper Hyderabadi Biryani 😀

Find pics for Day 2 below:

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